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Facial Rich Cream Fresh Frankincense

Special Campaign! Only 20 Available.  Discounted to Incredible $30 from regular price of $44!

Once stock ran out, next production is not till September 2020!  So take advantage of this special offer and make sure to stock up!

Product Description

This beautiful rich facial cream will keep your skin soft and hydrated day and night. Together with highly medicinal fresh Frankincense essential oil, which is rich in antiseptic and anti-aging properties, will reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and make your skin look young, smooth and radiant.

We have carefully filled this beautiful rich cream into gorgeous airless jars one by one, so the cream can be used up hygienically until the last drop.

Frankincense Tree.

This is one of my special 3 steps facial skin care products.

1,Facial cleansing oil. gentle nice wash and make sure clean your make up and sunscreen off.

2,Intensive Hydro Serum Kakadu Plum & Frankincense. super rich vitamin C will make your skin bautifuly brighter and whitenhing effect.  I surf like every day in this QLD hot wether and hight UV rate, but my skin is brighter and fleckles are much lighter!!!

3,Facial Rich Cream Fresh Frankinsencesuper moisturising effect is amazingly care about your ages skin! It's totally different next morning. you would NEVER disappoint when you see your face on the mirror every morning.I used to shock and dissapointed when I see my aged skin face in every moring with any facial cream and oils..haha.  This rich cream keep your skin good moisture,even softer and nice look all day.