Oceanic Japanese Style Bar & Restaurant!?

Do you like Japanese Food?

I just want to introduce Real Japanese food Bar & Restaurant in the Middle hart of Noosa Junction. "IZAKAYA ĀTE"  https://www.instagram.com/izakaya.ate/

This shop concept is a relaxing and friendly traditional Japanese style Bar which is a casual type Japanese Pub and also designed and inspired by the beautiful ocean and Beaches in this Noosa.
IZAKAYA menue are small tapas dishes for snacking while drinking. It means Relax and Enjoy drinking time with good time,good friend and good vibes!

This shop owner YURI is a old best mate with ĀKĀSHĀ sea clothing designer ERI. Actully she gave me a chance to see all beautiful brands owners. Yes, Ofcouse she is using Marvo &co Products too and she looks really lovely!!

Please Enjoy Japanse SAKE and beautiful YURI's Cooking.  Oh! Are you hungry after good surf?? Please enjoy her Lunch special menues...VERY NICE!! yum......!!!