Need Rushguard and Surfleggings!

Why did I started selling Rushguard and Surf Leggings?

I have 2 Reasons for....

1, Avoid stingers ”Blue bottle"

I really don't like getting stung by"Blue Bottles" Jellyfish in summer time. Sure... no one likes it. But I still really want to go surf out even if it had risk of stung by Bluebottle when surf comditions are on shore waves and strong windy day, especially at the open beaches on stromgNorth East wind. Also I want to enjoy both of surf Long and short! Rushgurd and leggings are very good protections.


What is "Blue Bottle"? 

On the eastern coast of Australia, it is the NE winds and warmer currents that bring them and other organisms that make up the armada or fleets of blue coloured floating colonial cnidarians and their predators, to beaches on the incoming tides. If you got stung, washed it off by hot water is the best way but dont warry it's ok enough to wash off by cold tap water very well. And please go to ask Life gurard stuff to get ice packs and wrapped the contact spot by Blue bottle.


2, Sun protection "Extremely hight UV"

We surfer girls love surf with only bikinis! It's so pretty and feel so nice. we love enjoying  special summer surf time. But here in Qeensland summer UV rate is a extremely high and really bad risk for skin cancer. I want to enjoy summer surf with bikinis, but I just thought If I would get any nice comfy and good quality items,I would like to choose wearing sun protecttion more! 


Why "Ākasha Sea clothing"?

Simply I would like to say, "good qualiy and designs" and "good vibes"

"Flower of life" printed on all Akasha sea clothing to spread good vibes, for smile more, for planet,for ocean and for happy surf!



You do NOT use Chemical sunscreen for ocean and for yourself, Please use Natural sunscreen! And also don't forget about more option!" Rushguard and Surfleggings by Ākasha sea clothing" ;-))