My name is Katsuki, originally from Tokyo Japan. I came to Australia first, for scuba diving in Cairns 15 years ago. I fell in love with beautiful Australia's nature and the ocean. It amazingly attracted to me how beautiful under the water world.

It wasn't too hard to decide to quit living in Tokyo city life to living in this beautiful Australia. I had been travel whole around Australia, especially big road trip around Kimberly, Kakadu and North part of western Australia for scuba diving in the Indian Ocean ware still one of most memorial and spectacle places ever in my life. And also I saw the Aboriginal indigenous culture how to live with the beautiful nature from their spiritual heart and souls... that inspired me how to coexist with nature and leave it to posterity.

Now I am living in a special place "Noosa" came from the Aboriginal word meaning "shade" or "shadows," probably a reference to the respite from the sun offered by the tall forests in the area. I love this beautiful place Noosa, amazingly beautiful forest, wildlife, and beautiful beach which is part of Noosa heads national park.

I'm having a grateful life in this beautiful place and especially for my surfing life in this Noosa Heads. And now I am thinking like how can I give my love, happiness, and appreciation back to Noosa and the ocean...

I would like to talk more about my "organic/oceanic" stories in my blog "Noosa Vibes.