About Marvo & Co: How I Met This Brand

When I was pregnant... I was researching so many Naturopath products about skincare products and all health products which superfoods, supplements and also all kind of natural products, and especially I was really interested in what is organic, vegetarian and macrobiotic all dietary food and lifestyle and how much make change your body conditions.

Because I really do care about my dermatitis and didn’t want to give the same skin problems to my children. 

However, all those products and informants are so many choices, and it's not easy to find which is really matching for your body type or skin type and really effective, and also the reasonable price to keep using everyday….
Especially natural skincare products are not easy to find that you really like it. And some of the organic skincare products are pretty expensive prices and not easy to buy for trying even just once.

When I met Marvo & co first time….I just felt in love with their really really good aroma essential smells…that is I've never had the same feeling with any other products. Honestly I haven't found any attractive products more than just good smell organic products either...so It means I was so excited for using it! haha.

And All Marvo & Co products carry amazing blending ratio of high quality essential oils and ingredients, so you will be surprised to find out how active it gets on your skin very well. And also all Marvo & Co products are fair prices to keep using every day, and that is important as same as eating good food every day for your body. I feel keep developing a special attachment to all Marvo & co product day by day…so I’m very excited and happy to introduce each product!

Marvo & Co is produced by Masahiro Aizawa is a special Aromatherapist from Japan living in Sydney, and he loves surfing and ocean. All Marvo &co products come from his passion, intuition and imaginations from a beautiful blue ocean.
It’s not only organic special products but also you will feel the power of nature and love the beauty from this planet…

I will continue introducing each product from Marco & Co. Next..!

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それらのエッセンシャルオイルの配合率が持つチカラは、その素敵な香りに限らず、確実に効果が感じられる事が何よりも衝撃的でした。そして、効果的でありながら継続的に使い続けられる良心的な価格帯にも、いままでのオーガニックスキンケアプロダクトには無いもので、私のMarvo &coに対する愛着は益々信頼とともに増えていくものでした。

>> Marvo & Co Collection