About Akasha Sea Clothing


What is Akasha?

Akasha (devanāgarī: आकाश Ākāśa) is a Sanskrit word meaning "space, sky". In Hinduism, it is the first (and highest) element (mahābhūta) in creation, after which follow four more (Air, Fire, Water, and Earth).

In the Theosophical view, Akasha is seen as the spiritual Primordial Substance that pervades the whole space, and from which the cosmos is developed. Before the beginning of manifestation, Akasha is said to contain in the seed the Logos of the system to-be. When the hour for re-awakening strikes, the Logos develops in Akasha and the Divine Thought of the former differentiates the primordial substance into all the manifested planes and forms in the Cosmos.


In the listing of cosmic planes, Akasha is regarded as the fifth one (counting from the lowest plane "upwards"), the plane of Mahat or the Divine Thought. However, it is also reflected in the corresponding Prakritic planes.

What is Akasha Sea Clothing?

Akasha Sea clothing is Produced by Japanese surf mate Eri Nishikami, and she is designing for all good vibes surfer girls!

Flower of life printed on all Akasha sea clothing to spread good vibes, for smile more, for planet and ocean (pick up Trash!) and happy surf (share waves!)

It is designed all for surfing. Matelial is a VERY good quality Nylon, thick and nice machine washable design too. Leggings are super comfortable and never slipped off even if you wiped out! And good design for Yoga or any kind of active sports and training, too.

Rush guards are designed for free size and cover for S-L size. good protect from sunburn and stingers! Front zip-up jacket style is really useful and It looks stylish with open front too!

Surf dress is very useful on the beach, especially after surf you can wear in a straight way without dry off. Also, it is easy to get dry with your bikini on. Of course, you can use for surf, because it made of same material surf leggings and Rush guards.


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